Service and Technical Support for Meltblown Nonwoven Machines

Service and Technical Consulting - Rolbatch

Our specialists - engineers and technicians - offer not only typical service activities but also support in technical consulting. We understand that implementing new technologies, choosing the right raw materials, and managing the entire project from start to finish can be challenging. That's why we are here to support you at every stage - from concept to implementation.

Service Contact

For all service inquiries, please contact us via email: Our service team is at your disposal and ready to respond quickly to every inquiry, ensuring the continuity of your business.

At Rolbatch, we place great emphasis on not only providing our customers with high-quality machines for the production of Meltblown nonwovens but also comprehensive after-sales support. We understand that our customers' success depends not only on advanced technological equipment but also on continuous, reliable service and the ability to quickly respond to any technical challenge.


Our service offer is directed to customers who have decided to purchase our machines and equipment. This allows us to guarantee priority treatment, quick service response, and access to original spare parts, ensuring optimal machine operation and minimizing downtime. The knowledge and experience of our service engineers, who are well-versed in the technology of producing Meltblown filtration nonwovens, put us at the forefront of suppliers offering support at the highest level.


We also offer specialized technical consulting aimed at optimizing production processes. We help adjust machine parameters to meet specific production requirements, which translates into higher quality of the final product, greater efficiency, and reduced operational costs. Our support does not end with the delivery of the machine – we accompany our customers at every stage of operation, offering training for operators, assistance in diagnostics, and maintaining machines in excellent technical condition.


We commit to building lasting relationships with our customers, based on trust, professionalism, and readiness to respond to their needs. By choosing Rolbatch, you gain not just a machine supplier but, most importantly, a business partner whose support you can count on for the entire duration of using our equipment. We invite you to take advantage of our service offer – we guarantee that it will be an investment in the peace and stability of your production.