Applications of Meltblown Nonwovens in Various Industries

Here is a list of industries along with information on what is produced from Meltblown nonwovens in each industry, indicating whether it is a component or a final product:

Medical Industry:

  • Materials for the production of hygiene products: Component
  • Components of sterile packaging: Component
  • Filters for laboratories: Component/Final product
  • Hygiene elements like medical underpads: Final product
  • Filters in medical equipment: Component

Filtration Industry:

  • Air filters: Final product
  • Water filters: Final product
  • Oil filters: Final product

Personal Hygiene Industry:

  • Diapers for babies and adults: Final product
  • Sanitary pads and liners: Final product
  • Wet wipes: Final product

Automotive Industry:

  • Air filters for cars: Final product
  • Insulating and sound-absorbing elements: Component

Textile and Clothing Industry:

  • Protective clothing elements: Final product
  • Technical fabrics: Component

Agricultural Industry:

  • Protective covers for plants: Final product
  • Mulching mats: Final product


Construction Industry:

  • Insulating materials: Component
  • Water and air filtration systems: Component/Final product

Packaging Industry:

  • Materials for protective packaging: Component

Meltblown nonwoven finds wide application across many industries. It can be used as a component in the production of broader systems or products, as well as stand alone as a final product. Its versatility makes it an indispensable material in many sectors of the industry.