We specialize in technical consulting in the field of implementing plastic processing and recycling technologies. Thanks to our extensive knowledge in this area, we offer consulting services for project implementation. Clients who come to us with a project can be guided by us from the idea to the full realization.


For over 23 years, we have been involved in plastics, providing our customers with comprehensive services in the supply of machinery for plastic processing and recycling.


We guide newly established and young companies in the industry, supporting both the technical side in the selection of machines and raw materials, completing procedures with leasing companies, and during the start-up of production.


Additionally, we can help you select the right machines, implement technologies, choose experienced personnel in the industry, and implement your project from A to Z. We operate throughout Europe. Already have machines preliminarily selected? Great - we can help at that stage too.



We assist our customers in running any production in the plastics industry: "From concept to implementation"

We train employees in the customer's plant.

  • machineries for plastic processing and plastic recycling
  • trainings for plastic industry
  • consulting plastic rocessing technology
  • production implementation - complete sollutions

ROLBATCH - Empowering Your Operations with Customized Technological Solutions

At ROLBATCH, we specialize in tailoring advanced technological solutions to meet your specific needs. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of technological lines designed to enhance efficiency, productivity, and innovation in your operations. Some examples of the technological lines we can implement for our clients include:



  • 1-11 layer blown film extrusion lines (packaging films, stretch films, water quench films, double and tripple bubble films, barrier films, mulch films, heavy duty films, geomembrane films, paper like films, etc.)
  • Extrusion lines for cast PE, PP, PVC, PET, PS film
  • Sheet extrusion lines: PE, PP, PS, ABS, PET, PVC
  • Granulation and profile extrusion lines for WPC (wood and plastic composites + PE or PVC


  • Single and twin screw extruders
  • Twin screw compounders
  • Laboratory extruders


  • Washing lines for PE, PP, ABS, PVC, PET, e.g. PET bottles, PE, PP film washing, rigid HDPE washing
  • Granulation lines for PE, PP, PVC, PET, ABS, PC, PA, PS
  • Sorting lines for plastic wastes
  • Optical sorters for sorting of plastic raw materials according to colors


  • Plastometers for testing of the Melt Flow Index of plastic raw materials MFI / MFR / MVR (ISO 1133, ASTM-1238)
  • Spectrometers to identify types of plastics
  • Densimeters
  • Moisture meters
  • Single and twin screw laboratory extruders
  • Laboratory blown film lines
  • Laboratory cast film and sheet lines
  • Laboratory granulation lines