Meltblown Nonwoven Production Technology

The production of Meltblown nonwovens is an advanced process based on the meltblowing extrusion technique. It involves melting a thermoplastic polymer, most commonly polypropylene, and pushing it through fine nozzles. Simultaneously, with the use of high-velocity air streams, the molten polymer is drawn into fine fibers, which lay down on a collecting mesh and bond together to form a nonwoven fabric structure. This process allows for the production of extremely fine fibers, characterized by a large surface area relative to their volume, offering excellent filtration properties.


Polymer fibers forming the structure of the nonwoven fabric are laid on the collecting mesh.

Filtration Redefined: From Rolbatch to Leading Solutions in Filtration Technology Properties and Applications of Meltblown Nonwovens

Finished Meltblown nonwovens are distinguished by a unique microstructure of fibers, enabling excellent particle filtration. These properties mean that they find wide application not only in industrial filtration and technical applications but also in the automotive industry, construction, agriculture, and environmental protection.


Properties of Meltblown

Applications of Meltblown

Meltblown Nonwoven Production Lines from Rolbatch - New and Used

We offer both new and used production lines for Meltblown nonwovens, supporting a wide range of production widths, from 300 mm, 600 mm, 1600 mm up to 3200 mm.


Discover also our offer of used machines for Meltblown nonwovens production and benefit from our expertise and high-quality solutions.


New Meltblown extrusion lines

Meltblown Innovations: From Agriculture to Ocean Protection

Ensuring consistent quality in the production of Meltblown nonwovens is key to their diverse industrial and technical applications, such as HVAC filters, automotive applications, or water purification systems. Meltblown technology from Rolbatch enables the production of high-quality and consistent materials that offer reliable performance in these critical areas.


Discover the diverse applications of Meltblown nonwovens beyond traditional applications. In agriculture, they can be used for efficient irrigation and as a protective barrier against pests, while in horticulture, their fine fibers are ideal for seed germination. In ocean protection, Meltblown materials offer innovative solutions for water cleaning and the protection of marine ecosystems.


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