WPC granulation and profile extrusion lines

Rolbatch offers ready sollutions for

  • granulation of wood powder with PE or PVC plastic raw materials
  • extrusion of WPC profiles


Available output:

  • 60-90 kg/hour
  • 100-150 kg/hour
  • 200-250 kg/hour
  • 350-450 kg/hour (for door profiles)

Send us more info about Your project, and we will send you our quotation.

1) Dimensions of the profiles: lengh, height, width

2) WPC in granulat form? or wood powder plus PE, or PVC?

3) You want to produce WPC profiles on PE, or PVC based raw material?

4) You want to produce only WPVC profiles, or as well WPC granulates?

5) Send us technical drawing or pictures with sizes of the profiles you want to produce.