Rolbatch Laabs Awarded the EKO FILARY 2024

On June 26, 2024, the grand gala for the EKO FILARY 2024 awards, organized by the MANAGER Report magazine, took place in Warsaw. We had the pleasure of attending this exceptional event, meeting inspiring people, and receiving the EKO FILARY award for our pro-ecological activities.


Rolbatch Laabs was honored for its innovative PET bottle recycling technologies "Bottle to Bottle". In Poland, only 43% of PET bottles are recycled, compared to 95% in Germany. We are delighted that our efforts are contributing to an increase in these numbers. For years, we have been supporting the implementation of advanced PET bottle recycling technologies, helping to launch production lines, and organizing training in the field of recycling and plastic processing.


The EKO FILARY awards, presented by MANAGER Report magazine, recognize leaders in ecological innovation. They are a tribute to those who implement pro-ecological and innovative processes. As noted by Piotr Cegłowski, editor-in-chief of MANAGER Report, the companies awarded the EKO FILARY are aligned with global efforts towards environmental change and the well-being of future generations.


The awardees received commemorative diplomas featuring personalized graphics by Olga Szerstobitow, which will inspire us to continue our work for the environment.


Rolbatch Laabs - Innovations in the Service of the Environment.