We can produce masks for You

  • FFP2 masks up to 14.000.000 pc per month

Describe us Your project, and requirements. You have customers and You need masks? We can produce them for You?


You can choose colours, raw materials, and packing. We can produce masks for You, and pack in Your carton boxes


Contact us to get more ino

Please write Your name, Your company name, Tax registration number, your company address, and Your email address, and describe Your project.


We have our own machines.


We also can supply with machines for FFP2 masks (new and second hand), and in the meantime before Your machines are ready we can produce masks for You.


The current COVID-19 crisis has activated worldwide many initiatives to support and help those who are in need, mostly fragmented on a regional scale. Nevertheless we all are facing the same challenges and are looking for solutions in order to support the entire healthcare sector. At the same time we have to prepare the necessary support following the outbreak.